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Home Elevators

  • Adds value to your home

  • Precisely designed for your home.

  • Noiseless

  • Smooth ride and Smooth final stop

  • It elegant design, easy to install as well as safe and easy mobility from basement to the attic, with the push of a button.

  • It is the ideal solution for elderly and physically challenged person to move autonomously and free from Stairs.



RPM 120 Pulley Dia. 100 mm
Frequency 12 Hz. Rope Dia. 4 mm
Voltage 230 VAC No. of Ropes 4
kW / Hp 0.75 / 1 Lifting Capacity 300 kg
Weight 70 kg. Lift Speed 0.32 m/s
Brake Pick-up : 220 VDC Max. Travel 15 Mts.
Voltage Holding : 110 VDC Starts / Day 100


General Comparison Between Hydraulic & Gearless Installation

  • Noisy Due To High Rpm of Motor

  • Stopping & Starting Jerky and Changes With Temperature

  • Delayed Response to Car & Landing Calls

  • Performance Varies Greatly With Seasonal Changes in Temperature

  • Due To Valve Leakage, When Stationary, Car Loses Level And Pump Is Started To Relevel The Car. This Leads To Power Wastage And Creates Noisy Nuisance To The Household, Particularly At Night

  • Generally 70 Switching / Hour Without Heat Exchanger

  • Equipment Is Imported

  • Requires About 200 To 300% More Power Than Gearless Installation

  • Could Be Messy Due To Spillage Of Oil

  • Requires Oil, Is Potential Threat To Soil

  • Silent Due To Low Rpm of Motor

  • Acceleration & Deceleration Smooth and Constant

  • Quick Response to Car & Landing Calls

  • Performance Constant in All Seasons

  • When Stationary, Car Does Not Lose Level At Any Time

  • Upto 180 Switchings / Hour

  • Equipment Is Indigenously Manufactured And Is Exported

  • Power Saver, Due To High Effeciency Of Installation

  • Clean And Neat Installation

  • Eco-friendly -does Not Require Oil For Working