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Elevators are one of the safety means of vertical transport. In the back ground many little assistance invisibly contribute to enhanced passenger safety and comfort

sito lifts pvt. Ltd. Entered in the field of vertical transportation and determined to play leading role in the coming century.

sito lifts pvt. Ltd. Was established in july 2014 in agra of state uttar Pradesh in india, and always striving hard to serve its customer with complete satisfaction. Learn More

Sito Lifts Specialised

SITO LIFTS was established with a mere idea of achieving excellence in the field of vertical transportation. We have a combined management experience of more then two decades in the field of installation, modernization and maintenance of elevators.

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SITO LIFTS always deems that fulfillment of the sales contract is not the completion of the work, but the start of the new work. SITO LIFTS persistently sticks to the serving principle of "giving full play of the max value of the product". We lay a great stress on providing.

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Why Sito Lifts

At Sito Lifts, we have over decades of experience in delivering pioneering elevator, escalator, auto walk and automatic building door solutions. Our professionals provide expert advice and give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing.

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Our Products

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