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About Us

Elevators are one of the safety means of vertical transport. In the back ground many little assistance invisibly contribute to enhanced passenger safety and comfort

sito lifts pvt. Ltd. Entered in the field of vertical transportation and determined to play leading role in the coming century.

sito lifts pvt. Ltd. Was established in july 2014 in agra of state uttar Pradesh in india, and always striving hard to serve its customer with complete satisfaction.

sito lifts Pvt. Ltd. Engaged in the field of business of sales, installation, commissioning, modernization, repair and service of lift/elevators and has installed the same with total integration, adhering to all relevant quality and safety norms all the technicians are well trained as per standards for efficiency and accuracy.

sito lifts... The name, you can safely associate with the most advanced & trusted elevator technologies. Hi-tech advancement, quality & customer satisfaction are the key tools which have helped us to scale new heights of success. It is one of the most reliable companies, committed to delivering satisfied service & the best in elevator sector on time, every time, everywhere...

Our Future Plan

With the kind of orientation and priorities, sito lifts has, it is but natural that they would have an equally strong commitment towards the future – to become even more customer and user friendly. As a result, there is always an on-going component of reviewing, researching and reorganizing aspects of their operations, technology and services, in order to further improve upon them. It is the quest that finds the public in agreement with the now familiar slogan – “up and down.....reliable & safe ”. While we are targeting some more new cities in Uttar pradesh and we equally have our eyes on in the market of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Uttarakhand also.

Our aims to grow sales volume by strengthening its sales network across the country and by offering more products that fulfill local needs. A new logistics center will enable more efficient procurement of components and develop a product supply framework. Also, an engineering center will be established to strengthen customer solutions in terms of product specifications and technical requirements.