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SITO is one of the reputed names engaged in offering commercial escalators. Appropriately designed to suit the specific requirements of the clients, our escalators are made in compliance with the highest quality standards. Widely used in malls, restaurants, metro stations, airports and various other places, our escalators enhance the look of the place and building. These are customized and installed by us, at most competitive price.

Product Features

  • Escalator Suitable for hotels, office buildings, super markets and airports.

  • The step width can be 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm.

  • The inclination can be 30 and 35

  • The alternative function includes VVVF, anto-lubrication & error analysis.

  • The requirements can be customized

  • Automatic inspection status transfromation

  • Handrail entrance device

  • Up and down start key

  • Emargency button/operation break control

  • Broken step chain safety device

  • Comb saftey device/Protection from over speed

  • Non-reversing saftey device

  • Inspection device

  • Overload protection

  • Control device for handrall breakage

  • Phase monitoring realy

  • Auxiliary break [H>6.0ml]

S310-35K Commercial Escalator

S301-35K60 S310-35K80 S310-35K100
A 600 800 1000
B 838 1038 1238
C 1200 1400 1600
D 1260 1460 1660
E 1838 2038 2238
F 18500 16900 15700

Sito Design Escalator in Different Color